UVC  maintains heat exchange efficiency, design airflow, and improves indoor air quality by reducing bacteria and mold growth on system components. “Coil pressure drop is reduced and, therefore, airflow is restored. Because heat transfer also is restored, this combination can result in significant energy savings, with payback of possibly less than 2 years.” A

SHRAE Handbook, 2008, 2011, 2015

Factory Engineered, Factory Constructed and 100% Factory Tested UVGI products. NO erector sets, NO Field Engineering!
Factory engineering means consistency, specification compliance and dependability.

What we provide that our competition does not; Professional assessment and UV commissioning by a CVE SDVOSB. We deliver the best value Energy Conservation Measure (ECM)

We Deliver from Commitment to Recognition of Successful Project: UVGI air purifier plus energy efficiency 

ASHRAE states: “Damp coil and drain pan conditions are excellent forums for growth of bacteria and mold (biofilm). Coil fouling caused by growth of bacteria and mold increases coil pressure drop and reduces airflow, reducing heat transfer from coil fins to lessen the amount of work a system can perform”.
ASHRAE Handbook, Chapter 16, 2008; Chapter 60, 2011 & 2015.

Indoor Air and Efficiency Solutions with UVGI

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 Air Handler (AHU) Retro-Commissioning                                   Click on the pictures for more info.

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Evaporative Coil Optimization UVGI technology for maximum energy efficiency over time, IAQ technology for maximum airborne pathogen reduction; and the hybrid Variable-dose technology delivering the most cost-effective, sustainable ECM*for HVAC systems available.

Made in USA

Hospital Basement Whole Room AHU